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Recruitment Procedure  

The valued clients willing to use our service may establish contact with us either by sending a demand letter/order or through Telex to facilitate quick action on the demand letter/ Telex . It is necessary to indicate the type of workers required, nature of jobs, number of workers, wages/ salary, qualifications, experience and other terms and conditions of service and benefits the employer would like to offer.

In the event of stamping visa in Bangladesh for the selected workers the clients are advised to authorize us through power of attorney to recruit workers and to apply from visa. The power of attorney is required to be attested by the labour attaché or any authorized officer of Bangladesh Mission  in the host country. If a recruitment on behalf of any employer, they are advised to forward to us their registration certificate.


The Saudi consulate requires a letter of authority from the employer authorization to UCKSEL PRIVATE LTD. To recruits the workers on behalf  of employer and submit/collect passport from  Saudi consulate. This letter of authority should be address to the Royal Saudi Consulate.


Documents granting permission from the complete for employment of Bangladesh workers in that country i.e. visa advise /N.O.C / work permit are to be send to us for facilitating prompt action at our end.


  • BANGLADESH is a MANPOWER reservoir with an ever increasing production of highly quali fied skilled and unskilled workers.
  • The workers are equipped with the real and tested knowledge of modern technology.
  • "Diligence is the mother 'of good luck" : BANGLADESHI workers know the hidden meaning of this wise proverb.
  • BANGLADESHI workers are peace loving and religious minded with amiable disposition.
  • Workers of BANGLADESH are extremely loyal to their masters and devoted to their duties.
  • Discipline, Patience, Perseverance, Efficiency and honesty are the salient features in the character of BANGLADESHI workers.
  • BANGLADESHI workers are Dutiful, Faithful, Methodical and Calculative. ! BANGLADESHIS are hardworking by nature because survival is the first question of them.
  • BANGLADESHI workers bear a good moral character. . Workforces from BANGLADESH are normally satisfied with the agreed wages.
  • Manpower from BANGLADESH stands for guarantee of quality work of any sort.
  • BANGLADESHI Manpower fields the .highest outcome with the cheapest.
  • BANGLADESHI workers usually are not addicted to any sort of narcotic drugs of drinks, which makes a man unable to discharge his duties smoothly.
  • "Internal vigilance is the price of quality work" :- BANGLADESHI labors are very much ware of this wise saying.


  • Our team and conditions are always .open far negotiation.
  • We have adequate experience-since 1980 in this trade. Sufficient skilled and unskilled workers are in .our data Bank to meet the employers challenging jabs anywhere in the world.
  • Our manpower resources are available at a cheaper rate in any number, what can profitably at utilize in all types .of ventures in the developing nations abroad.
  • Quick mobilization .of personnel to be interviewed far the right man far the right jab in right time.
  • We respond to supply the workers to the entire satisfaction .of the employers at short notice and we ensure the quick departure .of selected candidates.
  • Our visiting representatives are always ready to fly to you. Any where in the - world, far executing formal contracts.
  • We welcome employers' representative .or delegates to DHAKA far final selection .of personnel and we rendering utmost hospitality during his stay in DHAKA, BANGLADESH.
  • If authority far selection is delegated to us, we undertake to repatriate any candidates if found unsuitable far the contracted jab after joining within probability period (90 days)
  • We are well organized with .our experienced .officers and staff and equipped with modem communication system.
  • We never consider .our business and ultimate relationship with .our principal an a single basis. Our abject is to have a sustained growth record. And with this end in view, post deployments fallow -up are always made as a part of our continuing commitment .of services to our clients.
  • Recruiting and ticketing under one raff.
  • We are an "A" Grade Government authorized Recruiting Agent in BANGLADESH.
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